While This Man Was Crossing The Sahara Alone, He Made A New Friend!

Hobby Ho is a young man originally from Hong Kong who decided to to launch a multiple week trek right through North Africa by bike, to help the local populations and bring them books which he was able to buy all thanks to some donations.

While he was just passing through the Moroccan town of Dakhla, in the south west of the country, Hobby had the unfortunate surprise of having his hotel room burglarized, which then forced him to extend his stay.

While he walking about the town, he saw something that caught his attention.

He went on to explain on his Facebook page: “When I was walking through the town, I was stopped to see her eyes, how she just raised her head, our eyes met at the time as if to stop the time, we held eyes for a while, she began to step by step closer to my feet”.

That pair of eyes belonged to a stray kitten, who was only a few weeks old and wandering the streets. Sadly, he couldn’t stay and had to go back to the hotel. The next day, however, their paths crossed again while he was at a restaurant:

“I saw her from across the road. I put the leftovers in my hand and brought it to her, she immediately devoured it. After eating, I picked her up again, stroking her, found her chest was only ribs, no meat on her bones. The light in her eyes was gone, and she had fleas on her face”.

This time he took out a pair of tweezers and started patiently removing the parasites covering the kitten one by one. Hobby then learned that the mother of the cat had been killed and she wasn’t there protect her little ones.

Without hesitating, he wrapped her up in his jacket before discreetly bringing her up into his hotel room to give her a calm comfortable night. And in homage to her tremendous strength, he named her “Life.”

Determined to bring him home, the young man decided to extend his stay again so that Life would be old enough to be vaccinated, vaccinations without which, she would never be allowed in the plane.

However he is willing to make sacrifices for his little miracle.

Photo credits: Facebook/Hobby Adventure Club │ via: www.holidogtimes.com