20 Funnies for People Who Love Their Pets!

If your Instagram feed is a tribute to your furry (or feathery, or scaly) friend, and your idea of a perfect weekend involves a Netflix binge with your pet by your side, this article is for you. We’ve compiled 20 hilarious tidbits, memes, and jokes that every pet lover will find side-splittingly funny. Brace yourself for a comedy tail-wagging good time!

1. The “My Pet Is a Genius” Meme

Ever convinced that your pet could solve world peace if given a chance? This meme featuring a cat wearing glasses while reading “Quantum Physics for Felines” will have you nodding in agreement.

2. Doggo’s Philosophy on Life

“Why chase your tail when you can chase your dreams?” This quip accompanied by a photo of a dog in a Superman cape is as inspirational as it is hilarious.

3. The Food Detective

“I know the sound of every food wrapper in this house,” says every pet, ever. This funny meme of a cat darting from another room at the sound of a cheese wrapper is too real.

4. “Cattoo” Ideas

Ever thought of immortalizing your love for your pet with a tattoo? How about a ‘cattoo’—a tattoo of your cat’s paw print next to an infinity symbol? Talk about taking pet love to another level!

5. Bathroom Supervisor

Is your pet your constant bathroom companion? The meme of a dog holding a clipboard and pen while you’re in the shower is a nod to this universal pet-parent experience.

6. Cat Yoga vs. Human Yoga

Two photos side by side: one of a human struggling to maintain a yoga pose and the other of a cat gracefully executing the same pose. The caption? “Nailed it.”

7. The Dog Stare

“The longer you stare at your human, the more treats you get.” This rule, as explained in a meme featuring a dog’s intense gaze, is a funny reality for many pet owners.

8. The Great Betrayal

A funny comic strip depicting a dog’s melodramatic reaction to seeing its owner pet another dog at the park will have you in stitches.

9. Overloaded with Cuteness

A photo of a smiling hamster with its cheeks full of food, captioned, “Is this too much? Nah, I got this,” will crack you up and make you go ‘aww’ simultaneously.

10. Birds Taking Selfies

A parrot holding a miniature selfie stick with a smirk on its face is proof that vanity isn’t limited to humans.

…And the list goes on, from memes that capture the existential crisis of a goldfish to jokes about rabbits that multiply quicker than your unread emails.