Sphynx Cat Appears to Outline of Voldemort’s Face .. On Her Butt!

Social media users were very quick to point out its uncanny resemblance to He Who Must Not Be Named


Do you see the resemblance?

We humans really do have a knack for seeing faces where there really shouldn’t be faces.

Whether it’s seeing Jesus within a tree stump or the Queen’s face in a baby scan, our brains can play tricks on us in the strangest ways.

However, even the most skeptical of people must admit that this face-on-a-cat-bum is quite weird.

The image was uploaded to Imgur by the cat’s owners yesterday, along with the caption which reads: “Our hairless cat has a face on her butt.”

Our hairless cat has a face on her butt.

Although the owners didn’t see the resemblance to Voldemort initially, it was later pointed out by several amused commentators.

One stated: “When Voldemort gave up his human form, he had few choices left for the shredded remains of his final horcrux soul fragment. He looks glum.”

Another commented was worded as follows: “Voldemort is getting desperate these days, I see.”

More people were even more disturbed by the fact that its tail looked like a tongue, with one person writing: “That “tail-tongue” is freaking me the f*** out.”