Group of People Work Together to Save Tiny Kitten Trapped in Drain for Nearly 100 Hours!

Back on June 28, there was a kitten who was found inside the bumper of a van in Corona, California.

She ended up with a group of several people who worked together to get her unstuck.

The worst was yet to come.

The frightened kitten decided to jump from out of the bumper, landed onto a storm drain and fell right down a 7-foot hole!

“Animal Control and the Fire Department were called but the people were told there is nothing they could do,” Sierra Pacific Furbabies stated.

David Loop and other volunteers from Sierra Pacific Furbabies (Mira Loma, California) learned about the kitten’s precarious situation and immediately drove over to the scene of the rescue mission.

“A rescue effort was launched to try and get her out but she retreated into another pipe just 24 inches in diameter.”

They ended up lowering a trap down into the hole which was garnered with sardines.

By this time, they had discovered another manhole just a few hundred feet away and with the help of a radio controlled car loaded up with the sardines, they tried to lure the kitten over to where they could get to her.

Didn’t work.

This entire rescue mission took 4 days, mainly because this stubborn wee one of a kitten absolutely refused to come out on her own!

By the time Saturday had come and still no closure, everyone realized they needed to take some drastic measures to save this kitty before it was too late.

That is when they located a woman by the name of Megan Welch, who is an animal rescuer. Megan is young, energetic, limber and was evidently compact enough to actually get herself lowered down into the drain!

In all, 96 hours passed and the kitten was finally pulled to safety by Megan.

Luckily, the kitten sustained no injuries.

The kitten was absolutely terrified by the time everything was said and done. With the help of Megan petting the kitty to calm her down, the wee one finally came around and calm down.

At this point, there was only one thing left to do, Megan realized and so, she named the kitten Cali. Consequently, Cali was adopted by her brave rescuer, Megan.

“Cali is doing fantastic! She’s been to the vet and received a check up and she is in good health,” David Loop, founder of Sierra Pacific Furbabies, said to Love Meow.

Watch the full story here in this video …