Abandoned Kittens Rescued from Garage Then and Now

Three tiny kittens were found just left behind in a garage. They were soaking wet and their eyes were still sealed shut. A few months later, what a transformation was occurred!

“This is a trio I took in to raise. They were abandoned in a coworkers garage and she had no common sense on how to care for infants. This is their condition upon arrival. Two weeks old, but their eyes were sealed shut with gunk. I’m not sure how many days it had been since they’d been abandoned/had a proper meal, and they were covered in pee,” imgur user Crunkthatlemon said.

Despite the rocky beginning all three kitties are healthy now. “I hope you guys enjoy seeing them grow as much as I did. This is the most rewarding litter I’ve ever raised because I had so many friends who made it a communal effort to show them love and help them grow.”

These two of these furry buddies really bonded.

The update: Two of the kitties were so inseparable, they were adopted together! the third also found his forever home!