Stray Cats Living Like Kings and Queens in Istanbul, Turkey – VIDEO/13 PHOTOS

Seen on the streets, in cafes and even at the G20 Antalya Summit, cats in Turkey do not live ‘ordinary lives’ as house cats or stray cats either, according to KEDi, a film about the felines living in Istanbul.

According to the synopsis, the film focuses on the unique lives of the cats of Istanbul, which have been a part of the city for thousands of years.

Roaming freely through the streets of Istanbul, cats are described as ‘mirrors to one’s self’ and give people the opportunity to reflect on life whether they are at a café, a marketplace, on the street, or on a bench.

The film is directed by Ceyda Torun, who is also the co-founder of Termite Films with the works of cinematographer Charlie Wuppermann.

“She still misses her feline companions, gets excited whenever she sees a cat on the streets of Los Angeles, but they rarely feel the same way about her,” the description says on KEDi’s website.

Cats in Istanbul are loved and cared for by most of the people in Istanbul, including an imam who recently made the headlines by welcoming cats into the mosque in cold weather.