Stray Cats Needs Help with Her Kitten and Turns to the Humans Who Fed Her

Ivie Lee lives in California with her boyfriend in an apartment complex where stray cats regularly wander around. One day, she saw a hungry cute cat looking for food and fed it, and the cat started coming back every day. They named the cat Mary and fed her every day for a year. Their hearts were broken when Mary disappeared one day.

Ivie first thought that the cat would reappear any day. However, weeks passed and it was nowhere to be found. Ivie and her boyfriend Jason were worried that she was dead. After months of waiting, Mary finally came back. This time, however, she wasn’t alone.

While she was missing, the cat gave birth to an adorable kitten. Looking quite similar to his mom, the boy was quite cuddly and just as hungry as Mary. Of course, Ivie and Jason fed them both now and took pictures and videos of the momma and her boy every day. One of those videos went viral on Twitter and it’s easy to see why.

After receiving just over six million views, the couple decided to adopt the cat and the boy. They took them to the vet for a check and decided to spay Mary as well. The boy was in great health, but when Mary was ready to go under the knife, she suddenly started bleeding from her abdomen. Unfortunately, the vet found growths inside many of the cat’s organs and wasn’t sure if she would survive the surgery.

Mary’s fighting spirit helped her overcome the problems and she pulled through. After coming back home, Jason and Ivie set up a GoFundMe page to cover the medical expenses and food for the cats. The goal of $2,000 was covered in just a short time.

Cats are smarter than we all think. The moment Mary needed help, she came back to Jason and Ivie. Check out the cute cats in their new home:

Source: ivieyogi Twitter