While This Mama Cat Was Giving Birth, The Daddy Cat …

Completely caring, loving and supportive.

These kinds of fathers are great role models and positive examples for everyone – even when they happen to be cats.

callpeta, on Imgur, shared a touching series of photographs of a father cat lovingly supporting the brand new mom cat during and after giving birth.

This dad looks so comfortable and confident in his new role, snuggling the kitties and cozying up with the mom that it could actually make anyone jealous of such love and devotion.

Just take a look at the pictures of the brand new family below.

At first, the new dad looked a bit stressed

With time, he became caring and attentive

This new mom just went through a whole lot

This ‘dad’ was right there to support her

He was so caring and loving to his babies

This mommy can be sure to have help when needed

They just might be the sweetest cat in the history of cats – EVER!

H/T: www.boredpanda.com