Stray Mama Cat Has The Most Purrfect Mini-Me Family!

WAGS Pet Adoption, which is located in Westminster, California took in a stray cat and her five newborn babies.

They just knew right away that they would need a safe place and a special TLC of a foster home.

Amy Randolph received a call explaining that the story cat mama and her babies needed fostering. They were told that they were all at the police station which they went right away to get them.

Within one hour, they took them to the new place.

The litter of four sisters and one brother were luckily in good health.

The kittens were named Punzie, Cupcake, Sonny, Jasmine, and Brody. One of them, however, stood out from the rest, Punzie who is a calico with markings that looks like her mama.

They love to play together, and yes they love cutting each other. Sometimes, of course, there exists a little lovely sibling rivalry.

Once they babies were just old enough, they and their mama were put on the list to be adopted by a forever family. Amy Randolph, who was their foster mom couldn’t be happier being with them for a short time because as she said saying goodbye to them was tough.

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How gorgeous they are, aren’t they?