Stray Tabby Cat Became Like a Papa to Three Rescue Kittens

A stray tabby boy is now the proud papa of three rescue kittens. It took a family 6 whole months to establish 100% trust with him after he showed up in their yard back in March, but this is the reward!

He is between 5 and 7 years old and has now become the papa to the rescue kittens. They found Caesar nine months ago near their house and he just kept coming back looking for them.

Just back in September, they took in a litter of kittens born to a feral cat mom. This was about the same time Caesar decided he would move into their house. They aren’t sure whether or not Caesar is the kittens’ real papa, but one thing is certain: this tabby cat adores them just like his own.

“Got up to use the bathroom… Looking over and saw this sweet adorable picture (above)… I was so shocked and stunned… This is what happens when the Papa loves them all, no matter if they are his babies or not… (We) could learn something from this boy,” they said.

And what a sweet cat step-daddy he is!

Photo by The Orphaned Kitten