Stray White Persian Cat Named Cotton Candy and Her Amazing Transformation!

It can sometimes take just a bit of TLC to turn the life of a cat around but then there are other times … it also takes “time.”

This is the inspirational story of a White Persian Cat Named, Cotton Candy!

Be sure to scroll to the end of the article to see her adorable video!


This poor baby was discovered in very bad shape. She was “hanging out” at a residential compound last September, six long months ago.

“We knew that Cotton Candy had little or no chance to make it on her own… (so) we decided to rescue and take care of her until we could find her a new home,” said her rescuers.

3-min(With just a little taste of some TLC in the form of being petted, Cotton Candy found her purr… )


(She also began to eat …)

Sadly, her fur was so completely matted that she required a lot of care in the fur department.

That wasn’t all she needed but before long, she was also dewormed, vaccinated, treated for ear mites, microchipped and spayed.

“It took 4 visits to the vet and 3 months for her to recover. Then she joined the little lion pride in our house (with three other rescue cats).”



 (To this day, she continues to improve miraculously!)

7-min (She has also discovered her love for cuddling!)

8-min (As you can see, she is one beautiful cat. Just look at her perfect coat of fur now!)


Good news! Cotton Candy was adopted! But of course she was! Who wouldn’t want this adorable angel in their life????

Here is an adorable video of Cotton Candy. Enjoy!

The Sweet Truth: Is Cotton Candy Bad for Cats?

Let’s discuss an amusing topic: “Is cotton candy bad for cats?” As we delve into the remarkable story of a fluffy white Persian cat aptly named Cotton Candy, we must clarify that the sugary confection isn’t the best treat for our feline friends. Yet, the name perfectly suits this sweet feline. Cotton Candy, once a stray, roamed the streets with a tangled mess of fur resembling its namesake treat. But, thanks to a compassionate woman’s intervention, she underwent an extraordinary transformation. Now, Cotton Candy flaunts a clean, plush coat, fluffy and light as real cotton candy! Thus, while we don’t recommend the sweet treat for our feline companions, as a moniker, it beautifully encapsulates this Persian’s enchanting and whimsical transformation.