Family’s Cat Abducted and Thrown From Moving Car!

OHIO – A cat has recently been reunited with its family after it was reportedly thrown from a moving vehicle.

The family spotted their cat on the Jefferson County’s Humane Society’s Facebook page and got her back. And now, humane officers are asking any witnesses who rescued the cat to contact them. They’re interested to know more so they can continue their investigation.

The cat was reportedly thrown from a moving vehicle at approximately 7 p.m. this past Friday evening.

It may have happened somewhere along Route 7. Officers were told the cat hit the median. A witness then got the cat to the Mingo Junction police, who in turn, handed the cat over to humane officers.

The cat had several broken teeth but had no life-threatening injuries.

“Outside cats, we want those cats to be monitored when they’re outside, that’s the only way we can know that that cat is safe due to trapping, people poisoning, people shooting cats, that’s the only sure way to knowing that your cat is safe,” stated Casey Robinson, director of humane operations.

It’s not clear just how or why the cat got separated from its family.

In addition to that witness who decided to help the cat, anyone else who may have information is urged to contact the Jefferson County Humane Society.