Gorgeous Maine Coon Cat and Her Little Human For Life!

This is the beautiful story of Eddie, a 3-year-old Maine Coon and his little human sister, Josilyn!


They have been inseparable since the day they came into each other’s lives!

“I came out to the entryway of our house to find this, our 9 month baby girl Josilyn and our 3 year old Maine Coon cat Eddie holding hands /paws,” Chris Dieterle told Amy of Love Meow.

Josilyn is just as fond of Eddie as Eddie is of her! She literally crawls around after him, following him wherever he goes!

Eddie is a very patient cat and loves to play with his little sister.

“She usually gives him a bear hug after each play,” Dieterle said.

“Once Josilyn gets a little older, it will be hard to separate the two.”

Josilyn is now a year old and she and Eddie are still the best of friends.

Photo credits: Chris Dieterle

Source: lovemeow.com