Who is More Superior Animal, Cats or Dogs? – Video

Brain teaser: Which of our pets is the most intelligent species?

Cat vs Dog brain:

Science thinks that the average cat’s brain has a volume around 25cc’s . Dog on other hand just somewhat better as a slightly larger brain and the average dog has a brain around 64cc’s. That doesn’t mean dogs are more intelligent than cats.

Shear volume is not necessarily a good indicator so in science is used in capitalization quotient or EQ and that gives ratio of the relative size of the brain to the weight of the animal. Dogs have a EQ about 1.2 and Cats have EQ around 1.0. That means if you compared a cat sized dog with a cat it still has a brain which is roughly 20% bigger than the cat.

Although EQ is a good indication of intelligence it’s still more complex than that and we need to look at the number of neurons in the cortex which is the front part of the brain. Science estimate Cat have around 300 million cortical neurons and dog around 600 million cortical neurons.

Do you think dog’s are more intelligent than cat’s? However cats and dogs are highly intelligent animals, great pets and world loves them.

Watch this great video to relax from Science information. Enjoy.

By Fisek