Watch As Shelter Dogs and Cats Go From Sad to Ecstatic After Receiving Surprise Christmas Toys!

Christmas can be such a joyous time for so many. With everything from festive lights to good cheer to the company of your friends and family, the holidays are filled with love and happiness.

Sadly, however, for the six to eight million animals that enter U.S. shelters every year, Christmas can be downright depressing.

Many wonderful volunteers will take the dogs out for walks and maybe even have a few minutes of play time, but at the end of the day, the dogs and cats are still alone, nonetheless.

One animal shelter is working towards changing all of that.

Each and every year, the Animal Rescue League of Iowa asks their volunteers and supporters to put toys, food, and other supplies underneath the “Tree of Life” so that they can collect donations for homeless animals.

Not only do animal lovers go ahead and stock the tree full of goodies, but the dogs and cats themselves get to pick out their very own toy!

As you will see in the video at the end, the pups rush over to the “Tree of Life” and eagerly pick out a toy they can call their own. The smiles and tail wags and meows as they learn Santa Paws didn’t forget about them are absolutely contagious. Santa Paws didn’t forget about the many homeless cats either – the cats also all get some toys to keep them entertained and happy.

If you’re considering welcoming a four-legged companion into your own home, please remember to always adopt and never shop.

We also encourage everyone to get involved with your local animal shelter, check out our guide to volunteering.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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