The True Life of a Cat Burglar

The beauty you see in the picture is called Bella, and her occupation is a cat burglar. Yep, you read it right – this kitty ‘makes’ her living by stealing all the ‘other’ socks in her home, which answers a lifelong question. If you ever wondered where than one sock went missing, you should probably ask your cat about it.

Bella’s owner Shawn has taken her as a tiny kitty and they’ve spent 10 wonderful years together. The smokey cat spends her nights either sleeping or roaming the neighborhood, so she’s not different from any other cat. However, she differs from all the other cats by being a cat burglar (no pun intended).

Shawn says that Bella’s stealing habit is cute, but she needs to stop. The cat has already been caught on camera stealing clean socks off the neighborhood porch. Bella didn’t stop there – she already has a pile of t-shirts, socks, and other pieces of clothes at home, so it’s fair to say that her habits are becoming quite a problem. Shawn isn’t happy about it as well – take a look at all the clothes Bella stole:

Surprisingly, cats are known burglars, as the video below shows. Some of the cats you can see in the video have been known to steal different items from their owners or neighbors, and although it looks cute, it should be stopped. So, whenever that ‘other’ sock, your keys, wallet or the remote go missing, you should check your cat’s bed. Just in case.