Woman Reunited with Her Beloved Cat Who Had Been Missing for a Long, Long Time! How long???

WALES – A family has recently been reunited with their cat eight years after she went missing.

Saffie went missing from her home in Sandfields in Port Talbot way back in 2008 while her owner, Lisa Darney was away on holiday.

The 44-year-old searched many years for Saffie, but was never able to find her and had just begun to give up hoping that they would be reunited.

However, just last week, Lisa received a phone call from a couple in Nant Y Moel in Bridgend who had found Saffie safe at their allotment.

And now finally, Saffie has been reunited with her family.

Lisa Darney from Sandfields with ' Saffie' her cat which went missing for 8 years.

Lisa Darney from Sandfields with ‘ Saffie’ her cat which went missing for 8 years.


“We got Saffie in 2005 as a Christmas present. She was only two months old at the time, and we absolutely adored her,” Lisa stated.

“I went away on holiday in September 2008 and I left my son to look after the animals, but she got out of the house and over the fence. We were devastated.

“We searched for her for years, but we never found her. I was really hopeful in the first two years she was missing, but it got harder after that.”

I got a call through on my mobile. I thought it might be one of those scam numbers, but I decided I’d better answer it just in case,” she explained.

“When they said they had found Saffie, I couldn’t believe it. I just kept asking if they were sure, and they said they were because they had scanned her microchip.

“They said she was a bit skinny but other than that, she was unharmed. It’s just amazing that she survived all those years.

“It’s just unbelievable to be honest and so amazing to be reunited with her. We’re over the moon about it.”


Lisa says she and the family are grateful to the people who returned Saffie to them.

“We are so grateful to the people who found her for helping us,” she said.

“We went straight to their house to collect her and it’s obvious they have been looking after her and feeding her. They clearly cared about her.

“We just want to thank them because they really are genuine people who have made sure she got home safely.”

The family members are now appealing for anyone who may have seen Saffie over the years to get in touch with them.

“It would be nice to know what she got up to in the eight years she was missing,” Lisa stated.

“It would be interesting to find out where she has been during that time.

“We are so glad that she is home, particularly my son. He’s out of the dog house now!”