They Found a Tuxedo Baby And They Changed Her Life Forever

Jules wasn’t even 12 hours old when they spotted her. She was very tiny but had a heart of a tiger!

“We found her under some hedges, her rear paw tangled in the netting that landscapers sometimes put down,” Jules’ human wrote via imgur. She was in poor physical condition and was wailing for her mom who was nowhere to be found.”

“We cut her loose, bathed her, and decided to keep her… She was probably less than twelve hours old when we found her.”

“At first, we used a little syringe which we fashioned with a nipple to feed her. She needed to be fed every two hours, including throughout the night. Eventually we fed her from a bottle.”


“What we didn’t know is that formula doesn’t contain any fiber, so little baby Jules got constipated. She didn’t poop for days. Luckily, the internet came to her rescue, and we learned about The Triangle Method. The joy we would feel when a turd finally fell out was amazing,” they added (via imgur).

“At first her little tiny legs couldn’t fully support the weight of her body. She was adorable, crawling around.”

“She thinks that everything has nipples sometimes, including our couch.”

She’s quite feisty and loves to wrestle with the hands!

“Her eyes are now a deep yellowish shade of green. She’s a big girl now. I’m glad we saved her.”