This Feral Senior Cat Was Given a Second Chance at Life and He Took It With Both Paws!

This cat was named Mr. Belvedere and was part of a cat colony. The tomcat was over 10 years old, which is pretty unusual for this type of cat. Many people have tried to take Mr. Belvedere home, but no one has succeeded. After so many years on the street, Mr. B finally took matters into his own paws.

As soon as the cat fell into a shelter trap, it realized it needed help. The cat was sick – he had a bad case of mange and his ears were full of mites. After taking him to a vet, the woman who caught Mr. B took him to a vet, where it was discovered that he was in a really bad shape. However, the woman decided to bring him home instead of euthanizing him and he’s become a total momma’s boy!

Take a look at Mr. B sad story: