One Vet Tech Refused To Give Up, Less Than 48 Hours For This Cat

It’s very hard to believe this is the same kitty that was facing certain death less than 48 hours ago. When everyone else ha lost hope, one vet tech never stopped fighting for this precious kitty.

Jessica shares the story with the people of Love Meow:

“I am a vet tech and volunteer at a “trap and release” program for feral cats. This past Sunday someone brought in a litter of kittens (rescued from a feral colony). One kitten was extremely emaciated, anemic, lethargic, and absolutely crawling with fleas. When we noticed he was having a prolonged recovery from anesthesia, I offered to take him home and nurse him overnight.”

“It took him close to 6 hours before I started seeing signs of him waking up. Multiple times I thought I was going to come in and discover that he had passed, I had even started typing a message to one of the clinic coordinators requesting that I take him to the emergency clinic for euthanasia because he was non responsive for so long, but before I hit ‘send’, I went to check on him and he had a palpebral reflex (blinking)!”

That’s the moment she saw hope and what a fighter this kitty really was!

“That night he ate ravenously, I treated him for fleas, provided heat support, etc. The little guy was even using the litter box on his own, despite having very loose stool (which was not at all surprising). I thought he was on the up and went to bed relieved and was going to focus on fattening him up.”

“The next day, Monday, he ate that morning and the boyfriend worked from home to keep an eye on him. Throughout the day he became more and more lethargic and didn’t want to eat.”

Baby kitty took a turn for the worst and he had to be rushed to the ER. “It was a rough night, but he pulled through and was even eating a little of the canned food on his own the next morning (Tuesday)!”

“Tuesday, I fed him and brought him with me to work for monitoring and continued supportive care.” That afternoon, Jessica found him trying to grab the doctor with his paw and she knew right then that he was fighting hard to live and she would fight hard to save him!

“This little guy has SO MANY people rooting for him to pull through.”

After a few devastating episodes at the clinic, where people started to lose hope, the kitty’s will to live never ceased to amaze everyone!

Then a miracle happened …

“He is maintaining his blood sugar, maintaining his body temp, but most importantly he is eating on his own. Guys, this is huge,” Jessica posted updates on reddit.

“He is home!!! And he looks AMAZING! I cannot BELIEVE this is the same kitten that was on death’s door less than 48 hours prior!”

After spending two days in the ICU, Baby Kitty is home and giving his forever humans kisses as if to say ‘Thank you for never giving up on me!’

Sometimes all you really need is one person who believes in you.

Photos by Jessica (rvtjess) / More info: St. Charles County TNR Program | Reddit