Tigger the Canton Cat working on Bucket List!

MARYLAND – An absolutely lovable senior kitty in Canton is getting worldwide attention.

The cat, who is a senior citizen with character, is on an “End of Life” crusade, checking things off a bucket list, thanks to his adoptive family.

Tigger was adopted by former Ravens cheerleader Adriene Buisch just last year from a shelter. At 21-years-old he’s getting on in years and may already be on seriously borrowed time. And so, Tigger’s Bucket List was born, to fill his life with adventures, which are always being documented and shared with the world on Facebook.

“Tigger was abandoned by his owner when he was 20 yrs. old,” a post on his Facebook page goes on to explain. “His story was posted on Facebook in hopes of finding a new home. When my boyfriend and I heard about his story, we made a split-second decision to adopt him. We were already considering finding a friend for our 6 yr old cat, Stuart, and we thought..’why not Tigger?!’.”

Tests would reveal that Tigger was actually in kidney failure. With medication and a prescription diet Tigger flourished — but then vets discovered a tumor which was the size of a golfball!

Today, Tigger works his way through a list of adventures and cat lovers from everywhere are sharing well-wishes and sending gifts for the Canton cat.

It’s a tale of just how one cat has pawed his way to the top with a simple Bucket List — and the love of his forever family.

Follow Tigger’s progress on Facebook:
Tigger’s Story- The 21 yr. Old Cat & His Bucket List