Cute Cat Finds Way to Make Humans Bow Down and Worship Him at Shrine in Japan!

JAPAN – Worshipers were recently surprised to encounter a new addition to their local shrine when they stumbled upon a happily napping kitten sprawled out in front of a sacred wooden building on the grounds.

Lying just in front of the small shrine was a pretty clever trick on the cat’s part, as this is where visitors face when expressing their gratitude and praying with their heads bowed and hands clasped together.


The cheeky kitten prepares to live out every cat’s biggest dream by having humans bow down before him, worshiping him as a furry god.

However, the tabby seems to have somehow forgotten two important steps involved in the prayerful process that precedes the respectful bows. One is the fact that visitors begin by dropping a coin into the offertory box.


By sprawling out all over the top of the wooden offertory box, nobody will be getting any money at all in today!

While getting in the way of money offerings, the cat is also forgetting step two in the Japanese prayer manual which is the ringing of the bell. Hanging beneath the roof, visitors shake the attached thick rope to sound the bell and call the god into the shrine. That’s something a sleeping kitty won’t be so entirely happy with!

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