From Tokyo, Cat-shaped Cakes, But Who Could Eat Them? (See all 6!)

TOKYO, JAPAN – The new cat-shaped cakes from Tokyo’s Tokyu Hands are available in six different breeds, or flavors, and they’re almost too cute to eat.


Cats and cakes are two of the Internet’s most favorite things, and it just makes sense that when combined they become something even greater.

According to Rocket News 24, the six cat-shaped cakes each come in assorted flavors. The Russian Blue cat is done with yogurt mousse and blueberry jam, the Abyssinian cat cake is created with coffee and vanilla mousse, the Bengal cat cake has caramel mousse and white chocolate cream. The flop-eared Scottish Fold cat cake is made with white chocolate mousse, chocolate cream, and almonds. The sophisticated, shiny black cat cake is made with both chocolate mousse and caramel, and the cute tortoiseshell cat is actually full of cream cheese mousse and peach gelee.


They all sound pretty tasty, but it’s tough to imagine anyone having the heart to actually bite into one of those smiling cat faces. They may just be too cute to eat.

People who are adventurous enough to actually eat one can acquire a cat cake for 500 yen, or about $4.50, from Tokyu Hands in Ikebukuro until April 22.

Everyone else will just have to try to reverse-engineer their own cat-faced cakes, or simply make do with watching cute animal videos on the Internet.