A Cat Goes Missing In 2008, And Is Found 10 Years Later Thanks To His Micro-Chip!

If you own a pet, you know that they’re a part of your family. Pet owners often love their pets more than anything else, and will do anything to protect them. And, although we rarely accept changes such as micro-chips, this story will show you how important they are.

In 2008, the Kleban family’s loving cat Oliver run away from home, and it seemed like he disappeared in thin air.

The Klebans looked everywhere, but months have passed and Oliver still hasn’t returned. According to cat volunteer Kim Vonesh, the owner saw a cat that looked like Oliver hit by a car on the side of a road, and they immediately assumed the worst.

Laura Kleban was 17 when Oliver went missing. They eventually accepted that Oliver is not returning, so imagine the shock when Laura, now almost 30, received a call by a man who said he found Oliver!

While looking for stray cats near the River North neighborhood in Chicago, Kim Vonesh stumbled upon Oliver and immediately recognized him. The cat was nearly 40 miles away from home in a group of stray cats. They took the cat to a shelter and realized he has a micro-chip, and after scanning it, the Klebans popped up on the computer.

Laura was overjoyed that Oliver is getting back home. It took 10 years, so the reunion has been emotional. Let this be a reminder of how important micro-chips are – you may not like them, but they’re your best bet at finding your lost cat.