Top 10 Best Cat Snapchats From Last Year

Cats pose for pictures better than humans, and that’s a fact! They’re always ready for pictures, but the best cat pics come in situations when they aren’t ready for the camera. The pics you can see below were taken when the kitties were busy doing some kind of shenanigans or just relaxing for the sake of it.

Take a look at the pics – they’re the funniest thing you’ll see today!

1. Would you hire me please?

2. The kitty is not ready to give up his powers yet.

3. Cats always have the authority, no matter how small they are! You better keep that in mind.

4. Cats plan well before they attack. That is why they always succeed.

5. Did the kitty fall in love with the raven? Or maybe it’s his secret plan to attack!

6. What magic is that? I better be aware of everything in here!

7. That thing surely has a lot of power! It refuses to stop, but how?

8. Have we met before or is this just like any other time? Why don’t I remember anything?

9. Take that dangerous creature away, right now!

10. You will be okay. I won’t let anything happen to you at all. You will be safe little blanket!