THE CATNIP FESTIVAL: London is Getting its Very Own Cat Video Themed Festival!

ENGLAND – Finally, London is getting the themed festival everyone has wanted since the dawn of the internet: a festival themed entirely around cats.

Cat videos, memes, and other internet-related cat things, to be included

Catnip Festival is a one-night extravaganza, which will celebrate cats as our all-powerful internet overlords.


On Friday, November 25, from 9pm ’til late, The Coronet in Elephant and Castle will become a huge celebration of all things cat.

Think massive DJ sets (likely involving cat-themed music), a room filled with cat videos played on loop, a giant gallery of cat memes, and also a cat-themed circus and catrobatics.

To make things clear, no actual cats will be in attendance, as the experience would be a little stressful for their little cat ears.


Instead, there will be a 360 kitten attack VR experience, a cat-themed cat game, and the joy of chatting about cats with a bunch of other feline obsessives. Hooray.

The full lineup is being released very soon, but Catnip Festival’s creators have assured us that ‘there will be lots of things to keep you more excited than a room filled with laser pens and mice.’ Sounds promising.


Now, the actual message of this delightful party is a just a bit deeper than ‘lol, cats’.

The festival’s creators explained to that the idea began when they were discussing slightly miserable things like ‘the creative exodus and the ever-rising cost of London living.’


Now perhaps this is all entirely coincidental but approximately 15% of the internet’s traffic is related to cats, and there are already cafes throughout London to celebrate them!

‘So instead of spending our last days lamenting… we decided to throw one huge cat-themed party and to join our furry overlords in celebration as we watch a large fluffy paw knock this fragile glass of a world from the coffee-table of existence.


Advance tickets are £16.95 and 15% of the profits go to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, so you’ll be doing something paw-some as well as enjoying cat videos outside of the confines of your own dimly lit living room.