Top Names for Cats in the Year 2015!


Naming a pet is a process that takes quite a bit of thought. At least that’s the trend that’s being picked up on based off of the top cat names of 2015. And why shouldn’t you try your best to find the perfect name for your furry loved one? Cats and pets are basically an extension of your own human family, so the names are very important. You can go with any of the classics, but why not try something new and different?! Whatever you choose, as long as it comes from the heart, it will be just the purr-fect name!

In 2015, Many people choose names plucked straight out of pop culture. Certain celebrities, television characters and even celebrity babies influenced the top names every year. That’s because our pets are just like our children. And because names are a way to commemorate something you really and truly love or respect., a site that helps connect pet owners with pet care, has the intel on just what the current cat trends are.

Top Names For Male Cats:
These are the male cat names that have been sweeping the registration numbers.


Oliver, Leo, Charlie, Milo and Max!

Honorable mentions


The names Jack, George, Simon, Loki and Simba all landed in the top ten.

Top Names For Female Cats:
These are the female cat names that appealed to cat lovers from all over the United States.


Luna, Chloe, Bella, Lucy and Lily!

Honorable Mentions


Sophie, Lola, Zoe, Cleo and Nala all ended up in the top 10 list as well.

Images: Unsplash