Cat Loves School So Very Much That He Has His Own Student …

Bubba is an adorable orange-and-white tabby cat that resides in San Jose, CA.

He’s been living behind Leland High School and Bret Harte Middle School ever since Amber Marienthal adopted him in 2009, at age 2. Bubba was initially supposed to be strictly an indoor kitty, however, he made such a fuss that the Marienthals would let him out every morning.

Each and every morning, he arrives at this school. He started by attending Bret Harte, but he later turned his attention to Leland.

This is where Amber’s two sons, whose names are Matthew and Mark, currently go to school. At first, the Marienthals were just a bit worried about his safety, until they realized that literally everyone at the school, both students and faculty, had adopted him as their unofficial mascot. It’s a distinction he currently shares with a dog named Otis from the 1960s.

He has his very own school card.

The students even thought about raising for a statue to Bubba, who treads the hallways every single day, looking for head-rubs. But that was nixed. ​

Bubba did finally get the chance to graduate in 2017, though. At the age of ten, he surely seemed to be finally ready. Even now, he still continues to go to school at Leland.

Nobody really knows why the vocal and sociable Bubba loves the school so much. He just always seemed to like the action. Or perhaps he just always wanted to learn reading, writing and arithmetic.

Bubba won’t even go home until all events are done for the day and he’s not afraid of anyone or anything. He receives countless head scratches, investigates lockers, sleeps on desks, and wanders everywhere.

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