Town in Italy Using Silent Fireworks as a Way of Respecting Their Animals

Usually large celebrations involve dancing, food and drink and oftentimes -fireworks. While we humans enjoy the sounds and sights of these colorful spectacles, animals feel very differently about it.

The explosion which happens when a firework is set off can cause animals to have heart problems, nausea, tremors, debilitating fears and lightheadedness. It can also lead to “acoustic stress” as most animals’ ears are much more sensitive to sounds and noises than humans.

Animals are confused as to where the loud foreign noise is coming from making them start to run frantically away from where they think the source is. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in them being hit by a car or even lost. Other animals may be too close to the explosion and receive burns or eye damage.

The town of Collecchio in the province of Parma in Italy is doing something about the problem. The local government has introduced new legislation whereby people have to use silent fireworks as a way of respecting the animals.

The company, Setti Fireworks makes these fireworks which include a spectacular light show but with absolutely no deafening sound to go with it. They design their fireworks to perfectly fit the venue and event that they will be used for.