Three Kittens Abandoned by Their Mom at Birth Get a Second Chance at Life – VIDEO

This trio of fluffy named, (Snap, Crackle, and Pop) were unfortunately abandoned by their real mother at birth. Luckily, help arrived just in time and they are now receiving some very much-needed care. You can clearly see (and hear) that this rough start isn’t getting them down.

Companion animal overpopulation is overcoming rescue organizations and shelters. Spay and neuter programs offer support to those with animals that need to be fixed, such as cats and dogs. Most shelters do not have the resources to take care of kittens under the age of eight weeks old, so these little sweethearts are truly getting the second chance at life that they deserve.

These active little kittens are ready to take on the world and are already in the care of a fosterer. Watching these little guys get bottle fed and hearing them mew is guaranteed to melt your heart!