Two Little Kittens Saved And Bonded For Life

Since these two kitten were found by an animal shelter in Ohio with little chance for survive, the luck turned on their side… This is their story.

The shelter rescued a pregnant cat in poor shape. She gave birth at the shelter but only two kittens made it. After all the efforts of the staff only one of them survived. They named her Molly. She was nursed back to health by a foster volunteer. Molly turned into a healthy, fluffy kitty full of energy after three weeks. The only thing she missed was having a sibling to play with.

I couple weeks prior, an orphaned tabby named Tom who needed round-the-clock bottle feeding was brought to shelter. Tom was very vocal and from the first day demanded attention. It was obvious that next step would be pairing them up, hoping they would accept each other. Luckily the did.

From that day on, these two little cuties are rather inseparable. Playing every day with each other, bonding more and more every day, despite being a week apart in age, they already look like brother and sister and best friends. After a rough start in life, these two are now thriving together. it would be great if they get adopted as a pair when they grow up.