This Unique RBF Cat Finally Founds a Loving Forever Home Where She’s Treated Like a Queen

Some cats have unique markings on their fur, others look droopy or grumpy. Then there are cats with a resting b**ch face that look like they’re going to strike you down in the next few seconds. That’s the case with Cinder, a two-year old cat with the best RBF we’ve seen.

While she looks stern, Cinder is a loving kitty. She was taken to the Michiana Humane Society shelter from the streets after being picked up as a stray. Her grouchy appearance has put off many potential adopters, so the staff decided to write a Facebook plea so she finds a loving home.

It didn’t take long for the cat to be adopted. Her new owners didn’t mind the RBF – they loved it. Besides the stern appearance, the cat is just like any other. It shows the true power of social media sites such as Facebook, where even the grumpiest cats can find loving owners.

And we’re happy for it and Cinder, who finally got the home she deserved.