Internet, Meet Kefir, a Main Coon that Can be Easily Mistaken for a Guard Dog

Main Coones are a beautiful breed that often grows bigger than regular cats. When we say bigger, we mean by a bit. However, some specimens seemed to never stop growing, just like in Kefir’s case. We wouldn’t call him a big boy – he’s more of a massive boy. And he hasn’t even stopped growing, so he can easily be mistaken as a dog.

On Track to Become the World’s Biggest Cat

At the moment, Kefir weighs a massive 27 lbs. He’s on track to become the world’s biggest cat. He’s well over the regular size of average Maine Coon cats, and it may be because of his diet. When he was adopted by Yulia Minina, Kefir didn’t want to eat dry cat food. She gave him a lot of meat and he continued eating it to this day, which is probably the reason for his massive size.

Kefir is often mistaken for a dog and who can blame those people? At that size, he can fool anyone. Yulia was often accused of editing pics of her cat, with many people not believing that he can grow that big. Kefir’s a bulky boy, though, and anyone who doesn’t believe can go and see him in person.

In order to reduce shedding and keep his silhouette, he’s often groomed. He’s otherwise healthy and behaves like a normal cat. The only big problem is that he likes to sleep with Yulia, and due to his size, it’s a bit hard to do so. But that’s a problem she gladly overcomes.

We think this big boy can break a Guinness world record and will inform you right on time when that (inevitably) happens.