UPDATE – Paralyzed Cat Drags Herself To Spot She Left Kittens After Neighbor Unsuccessfully Tries To Kill Her! – VIDEO!

Nothing at all was going to keep this cat away from her kittens – not even a traumatic beating that left her partially paralyzed.

Recently, a mom cat was wandering in someone’s a yard in Australia when an angry man brutally attacked her. The man allegedly grabbed the stray cat by the tail and threw her up against a trailer.


When an animal rescue group arrived, they thought the cat to be dead. The next thing they did was gather her one-week-old kittens and left her. The next day, however, something amazing happened.

When the mom regained some consciousness, she immediately began dragging herself using only her front paws to the spot where her babies were last seen – a feat which would have taken hours.

When the local RSPCA found out, they immediately scooped her up to be reunited with the kittens.


Unfortunately, the cat – who is now named Princess – is paralyzed for life. She is, at least, now being cared for so very lovingly by Sawyers Gully Animal Rescue’s owner, whose name is Dee Walton, who can afford to help the cat do basic tasks, such as urinate and defecate.

Animal rights activists and animals lovers will be happy to hear that the man responsible for paralyzing the cat has been arrested.


Next in the works for Princess: She will be getting fitted for her own wheelchair!

However, for the time being, she is just enjoying be reunited with her babies.

Walton said to The Dodo:

“Princess is a fighter, she teaches me everyday not to give up. I believe those kittens gave her the will to live.”

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If you’d like to support Princesses’ medical costs, you can make a donation here: