London Assembly Member, Steve O’Connell, Calls on ‘Despicable’ Croydon Cat Killer to Hand Themselves In!

ENGLAND – A Greater London Assembly (GLA) member has recently issued a heartfelt plea for the “barbaric” Croydon cat killer to “turn themselves in”.

GLA member for Croydon and Sutton Steve O’Connell, who is a self-confessed animal lover, said he would be “heartbroken” if his cat Louie ever fell victim to the killer.

He stated: “I am a massive animal lover, I have a wonderful cat called Louie, and I absolutely feel the pain of the people losing their animals.

“A lot cat owners are genuinely worried and we can’t have that.

“I would like to send a message to that person: ‘stop and turn yourself in because I would suggest you may have some mental difficulties and you may need some help.

“I would just be distraught [if his cat fell victim], it just doesn’t bear thinking about.

“People treasure their animals, I as much as anyone. I have had many animals and Louie the cat is my favourite, if something happened to him I would just be broken-hearted.

“I am sure that is the emotion that all these other people are going through and we just have to put a stop to it.”

The mutilated bodies of literally dozens of felines have been found butchered in Croydon and the surrounding areas in the past six months alone, raising fears of a sick serial killer and prompting a police investigation.

Last week the body of brown-and-white kitty named Tinker, was found in Tollers Lane, Coulsdon.

The cat’s head, front legs and tail had all been hacked off.

South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL) now fears the so-called cat killer is responsible for as many as 100 animal deaths over the entire past two years.

London Assembly member calls on 'despicable' Croydon cat killer to hand themselves in

London Assembly member calls on ‘despicable’ Croydon cat killer to hand themselves in

Mr O’Connell, who is a Croydon Councillor and chair of his local RSPCA branch, added that he is keeping pressure on the police to see the person “locked up and taken off the streets”.

He went on to say: “This has gone on too long, I have been speaking to the police about it to put some pressure on them.

“This is something we probably need to shine a bit more light on, let’s get this person caught because I think these are despicable crimes.

“Ultimately, if the crime is still outstanding after all this time it begs the question ‘where is their investigation going?’ “We all know that people that commit these barbaric crimes to animals often go on to commit serious crimes against people.

“Frankly, I don’t see any results. I want them locked up and taken off the streets.”

Just last week SNARL pleaded with all animal owners not to criticize the police for so far failing to catch the culprit.

Mr O’Connell will be meeting with the animal shelter next week to discuss the investigation.