College Campus Welcomes Feral Cats, You Won’t Believe The Results!

As you may already know, many University campuses have problems with feral cats.

Things were a bit different with the University of Nebraska-Lincon. But in 2008, they made Husker Cats, a volunteer group.


They have greatly reduced the population from 100 cats to less than 70 cats through the Trap/Neuter/Release and foster/adoption programs.


They put up cat houses and feeding stations all around campus.

“This is how many cats show us they love us. They watch for us and wait for us, every day. We look for them and they look for us. No head butts, no belly rubs— just faith. That’s love too.”

“Students volunteer to help clean stations and feed. We work with both our local Humane Society and a no-kill shelter to neuter/spay, ear tip and vaccinate the ferals we trap.”


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