Help Bring a Monster to Justice in Canada!

CANADA – This is a heart-wrenching story, but perhaps if shared enough, someone will have the information needed to bring a monster to justice.

A woman who lives in Glendale, Alberta, Canada was about to put her trash in the can when she spotted a backpack that should not have been there. It stuck out like a sore thumb. In the backpack was another bag and inside that second bag was a severely injured cat.

She immediately called Alberta Animal Services. They rushed to poor animal to medical care for treatment for severe head trauma.

A full examination revealed that the animal had also been suffocated prior to being stuffed in the bag, causing blindness and neurological issues. This poor innocent baby also had a broken pelvis and was starving.

This fellow is a true fighter though, and is on the slow road to recovery one day at a time.




UPDATE – “The cat has been named Hiro. Hiro is doing wonderfully at his foster home!!! He is running around playing and acting like a normal kitten! We hope to have him in foster for another 2 weeks just to make sure no other complications arise”, Alberta Animal Services wrote on their Facebook page.