Woman Catches a Cat Burglar Trying to Break in Her Home

Cats are the perfect thieves. Silent and deadly, they’re the ninjas of the animal kingdom. How many times have you caught a random cat entering your home from outside through and open window or door? We bet it’s at least one. That’s what happened in one woman’s home in Wales recently, and she caught the burglar on camera.

A mum from Wales was eating breakfast in her home when she saw a ginger cat out the window. It wasn’t hers – it was just some random tabby from God knows where. Out of a sudden, the cat jumped up and tried to open up the window in order to come inside. She couldn’t lift her weight up and remained swaying left and right to the woman’s amusement. She instantly grabbed her phone and filmed the whole thing on camera. Immediately, she shared it on her TikTok profile with the caption “I don’t own a cat”.

The video got nearly 2 million likes and around 30,000 comments. Many suggested that she keeps the cat after she went through all the trouble. We agree – if a cat goes through all that effort to break in our home, we would definitely have it over, at least for a quick meal. She deserved it.