Woman Leaves Cat Outside, When She Goes to Take Her in She Finds a Clone And Couldn’t Tell Who Was Who

Devi Larsen is a cat fan and owner from Edmonton, Canada who recently experienced something very unusual. The woman left her cat Loki to play outside one day like she does all the time. This time, however, something strange occurred. After hearing cat screams, Devi rushed outside only to find Loki with an identical clone!

Well, not a clone, to be honest, but a pitch-perfect copy of Loki. The cats were screaming at each other and to make things worse, Devi didn’t have the slightest idea of who’s who! The confused woman took pictures of the incident. Luckily, Loki was unscathed in the incident and managed to run the other cat away.

Devi took her beloved cat inside and checked for any injuries but fortunately, there were none. Check out the doppelganger in action:

Devi posted the full story on Reddit and it immediately drew the attention of hundreds of cat lovers. She said that the situation was far more serious than it seems on the pics. She separated the cats pretty easily and picked up Loki when the other cat attacked her and scratched her arm. At the same time, Loki scratched her as well while trying to attack his doppelganger.

After many Reddit users urged her to visit a doctor, Devi got a tetanus shot and is doing fine. For a moment, she says that she was concerned about picking up the wrong cat, but she knew it was Loki the moment she picked him up. Everything worked out fine in the end which is great.

Here are some pictures of the incident and Loki dressed in cute clothes: