Woman Writes Book, the True Story of Two Very Special Kitties, With Proceeds to Benefit Area Shelter!

ENGLAND – An adorable blind kitten has been given a new lease of life through friendship with a fellow rescue cat.

Davina Hanes with Jack

Davina Hanes with Jack

Ginger tom Jack had used up at least one of his nine lives when he was discovered on the streets of Manchester at 18-weeks-old – and taken to Middleton ’s Oldham Cats Rescue Centre by a passer-by.

Jack’s face was quite swollen and he needed emergency surgery to remove his left eye.

But after his terrible ordeal, the friendly youngster was adopted by centre trustee Davina Hanes – and found a firm friend in one of her other pets.

Fellow kitten Holly, over time, has become Jack’s eyes – helping him to get around safely – and the relationship between the two has inspired Davina to write a book.

“Little Jack came to stay with us initially for a recuperation period after he lost his eye,” stated Davina, who lives with her husband and two daughters in Rochdale .

“Soon after, we discovered he had no sight in his remaining eye either. Jack simply stole our hearts and we chose to provide him a forever home.

Jack's little helper Holly

Jack’s little helper Holly

“Holly, who is slightly younger, and adopted as a former foster kitten of ours, has provided Jack encouragement, love and stability throughout his integration with the other cats and has helped him to enjoy his life. The two are simply inseparable.”

Davina, now 44, a higher level teaching assistant, has written The Life of Little Jack to tell the story all from his perspective, with all proceeds going to the shelter.

A life-long animal lover, Davina has adopted 13 cats through the centre and even volunteers her spare time to help the charity’s work.

Davina said that Jack has gone from strength-to-strength since his rough start in life.

“It has taken three months for Jack to become confident with the layout of our home,” she explained. “He can potter around in comfort and can even make his way upstairs now.

“Obviously, we have had to safeguard the home as much as possible for him with his blindness, but he has made incredible progress nonetheless.

“It has been an absolute pleasure writing his little book.”

The new book will be officially launched on Sunday, May 29, between 12pm and 2.30pm, at Oldham Cats Rescue Centre, Saxon Street.

Jack will also be attending as a special guest and the book will be available on Amazon.