Why Won’t My Cat Cover His Feces?

(Photo : Mariana Bazo / Reuters) Most cats are territorial in nature.

(Photo : Mariana Bazo / Reuters) Most cats are territorial in nature.

Cat owners would probably delight to see that their cats are sure to bury their poop. You may think that your cat observes cleanliness but the truth is, there’s a lot more to it than just that.

Quora states that the reason why cats cover their feces is so as not to draw unwanted attention from other predators such as dogs or other cats. They are actually burying their scents in the form of pheromones which are visible in their urine and feces. These cats absolutely do not want to make known their presence to others.

Live Science reports some dominant cats such as leopards, tigers and lions do not bury their feces. This means that they want to claim a specific area as their own. On the other hand, smaller and passive cats cover their waste to ensure that they are subordinate to the dominant cat in the home or to their owners. They see their owners or masters as the dominant “kitty” of the place.

“In an undisturbed home, all domestic cats see themselves as subordinates of their human owners, so under normal circumstances, all domestic cats use litter trays or bury their feces in the garden,” Desmond Morris, zoologist and ethnologist said.

Felines are not the only ones who bury their poop. There are other animals that bury their waste to hide from predators which include woodchucks, some weasels and armadillos. On the other hand, it’s also known that dogs do not cover their feces. They are profound in making it known their presence to other dogs.

Meanwhile, if your pets are always changing their toilet habits, this might be a sign of physiological disease. If they urinate and defecate improperly they might be at risk or be suffering from some sort of anxiety.