Kittens Abandoned In Box By Road in Sweltering Heat! – VIDEO!

KENTUCKY – Two kittens were left abandoned on the inside of a closed box near a Grant County food pantry Monday.

The box was found underneath a sign for an animal shelter, however, that sign was not close to the shelter.

Mike Tracy, who is a volunteer at Helping Hands Food Pantry, told LEX 18 that he noticed the box marked “kitchen” as he was leaving Monday afternoon.

“I just happened to stop to see if it was supposed to be one of ours, a donation, or what it might be,” stated Tracy.

He opened up the box and found two kittens inside, one was frantically scratching to get out and the other was barely moving.

“It was well up into the 90s with the heat index. The sun was beaming down on that box and one of the kittens wasn’t even moving it was just lethargic,” stated Tracy.

Tracy took the kittens over to the animal shelter where they were treated and placed into foster care for the night, but the people at the shelter now believe that one of the kittens did not survive.

The shelter says that they hope this incident will teach everyone that this is not the proper way to bring animals to the shelter.