This mother cat is not about to leave her kittens behind

Mothers are ready to do anything it takes to keep their children safe. When we say anything, we mean anything. A mother’s love is one of the strongest forces on Earth, and that goes for animals as well. No matter if it’s a dog or cat mom, they will do anything to keep their babies safe.

Not long ago, rescuers from the Hope for Paws animal shelter got a call about a stray cat in danger. She just had a litter of babies and was living under an old abandoned truck. The volunteers initially planned to get the mom out and then take the babies, but she wouldn’t move.

It was time for a new plan. They were now planning to take the babies out first. As soon as they made a move on the first one, the mother wouldn’t allow it. She grabbed the kitten back, and the volunteers witnessed what mother’s love means firsthand.

Check out the amazing video below: