World’s Smallest Cat Named by Guinness and Her Name Is ‘Fizz Geul’!

A two-year munchkin kitty called Fizz Geul has recently won the Guinness Record thanks to its very short paws. The smallest cat in the world has a length of only 15.24 centimeters only from the shoulders to the floor, while the length of the normal cats is approximately 25 centimeters.

Munchkin breeds are known for its very short and slightly bent legs. This cat, Fizz Geul, bypassed every one of her relatives and now has the title of the smallest cat in the world. Despite the fact that the kitty is very tiny and little, she luckily did not experience any issues when walking and can even get to the highest places in the house. According to the cat’s owner, Fizz Geul behaves like a real princess and loves to do things exclusively in his own way, that can be seen on the next video. Many cat lovers would love for their kittens to stay forever kittens. However, they do grow up very fast and become big cats.

Check Fizz Geul in her adorable video here: