Roars of Laughter as Big Cats in a South African Safari Park Rip Off Front Bumper of Car

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – A group of tourists got the surprise of their life recently when their car bumper was ripped clean off by a playful lion while they were driving through a South African park – and every bit of it was all caught on camera.

The incredible video, shot at the Johannesburg Lion Park, begins with a large curious cat fitting the Volkswagen Golf’s entire wing mirror in its mouth to the amazement and awe of the onlookers.

As the majority of the passengers excitedly react and take pictures, one female in the car begins to panic.

‘You must go now, drive fast,’ the woman can be heard insisting, but the driver is unable to move because another lion in the path ahead.

Evoking both laughter and horror, one of the lions follows the car as it attempts to back away from the pride.

In one powerful movement, the golden beast rips the bumper clean off.

‘You aren’t getting that back,’ one passenger jokes, as the car pulls away with all its occupants erupting into fits of giggles.

‘Let’s go, let’s go!’ a passenger cried as the pride hurry over to inspect their new stolen metal toy.

The clip was uploaded to YouTube by Thaveshan Moodley, who explained in the video caption that his brother captured the entire escapade from the back seat, as Moodley was driving.

According to Moodley, his brother did not realize he was also recording his amused reaction and the lions.

Although these tourists managed to drive safely away, there have been incidents not far away which ended more tragically.

An American tourist last year was mauled to death by one lion, and took pictures of the cat who killed her just seconds before she pounced.

The woman was taking pictures from the vehicle right up until moment the lioness launched herself through the open window, said park officials at Gauteng safari park in South Africa.

Traumatized tourists watched as the nine-year-old lioness killed the holidaymaker, 22, through an open window.