Your Kitty Cats Will Love These Simple IKEA Hacks

Do you love IKEA as much as we do? Well, get ready for a surprise – your cats love the Swedish furniture giant too. Not the company itself, but it’s wildly popular products. There’s something for every type of cat in IKEA. From cheap playgrounds to hiding spots, you and your cat both will love the following IKEA hacks.

No space to hide the litter box? Don’t worry – IKEA has your back. The STUVA box is ideal for it and it comes with a hole in the back your kitty can use to enter. When closed, you can’t tell the difference between it and an end table.

The IKEA EXPEDIT gives you extra space to hide the end table if you have no room. It only takes two cubes and there’s plenty of space for storage above it.

Want to learn how to turn a tray table into a double-decker cat bed? Try this simple trick with a couple of pillows. Your feline friends will love it.

If you need even more cat beds, the DUKTIG doll bed can accommodate you.

This IKEA HACKERS trick can help you turn 3 LACK tables in a cat scratching post (or a condo).

The STOLMEN line is used in closets, but it can be a great system for kitty gyms. Never thought of that, huh? Yep, your cats need work as well.

If you ask us, this is a genius scratching post/cat bed combo by the Deviant Housewife using an EXPEDIT wall shelf.

See? IKEA isn’t just for humans – its cheap, yet useful furniture is great for cats as well.