Cat Burglar ‘Slinky Malinki’ Has Penchant for Pilfering!

NEW ZEALAND – The owners of a Blenheim cat burglar have now nicknamed him Slinky Malinki after the best-selling book by Kiwi writer Lynley Dodd. It inspired reporter Paula Hulburt to write a story on the mischievous moggie in verse.

“It was late at night and all was dark when Blenheim cat Jerry went out for a lark.

The furry thief wanted to play so he took lots of things to brighten his day.

A ball, a sock, some meat and more, the black and white cat brought them home through the door.

His owners, bemused, first laughed at his ways but later they worried what the neighbours might say.

He’s like Slinky Malinki from the popular children’s book, but was Jerry just naughty or a mischievous crook?

The playful tom continued to steal; a child’s pink gumboot and even a meal.

Jerry Johnston was causing much concern, his despairing owners thought he’d never learn.

Night after night the sneaky cat went, out on the town, with just one true intent.

Yes, he wanted to sniff, play and to climb but when darkness fell it was pilfering time.

For weeks on end, the friendly moggie, took even more things, he became awfully dodgy.

His owners, Amanda and Mel, started to worry, who should they tell, they were very sorry

For Jerry continued to pilfer, swipe and take, his love of looting seemed not to abate,

A squeaky pink toy, a chicken leg and a ball, a piece of pipe and a sausage; he took them all.

So they posted online about Jerry’s plunder and considered their options as people might wonder,

Where their small toys and food had gone, for Jerry’s stealing had gone on and on.

So Redwoodtown residents might now know the fate, of their missing things, the food on their plate.

Keep an eye out for Jerry, a most loveable chap and don’t judge him too harshly, he wouldn’t want that.”

What a great poem! What an adorable, little thief!