The Inspiring, True Story Behind One of the Most Shared Captioned Cat Photos Ever!

Staff Sgt. Jarrod of the US Air Force and his fellow comrades stopped everything they were doing to do just one thing – to rescue a kitten who was caught up in a sandstorm.

Around the time of the rescue, Jarrod’s job was to patrol off base for about 14 hours a day regardless of what the weather was like.

During one of the of very worst sandstorms they had seen, Jarrod found a tiny wee one of a kitten who was completely covered in mud.

The poor kitten was squirming around in a pile of trash at the side of the road. The next thing they saw was a tiny, starving kitten meowing incessantly for help.


The kitten was in a word, filthy and she was barely able to even stand on her own. The soldiers immediately grabbed hold of her and brought her to safety and with the water from a few bottles of water they had, cleaned her up as much as they could. It wasn’t until all of the filth was washed off of her that they noticed just how beautiful her natural coat was! She was truly a gorgeous cat!


“Everyone was all about helping her. Seems like people tend to think you turn into some heartless and savage when you deploy into war zones. It’s just not the case for the majority. Everyone I know has pets. It’s no different than seeing a man, woman, or child in need. you just stop and help, it’s the right thing to do,” stated Jarrod to the folks at Catster.


They soldiers gave the kitten some towels they had for her to rest and sleep in. They also have her some water and food. She was so famished that she simply wouldn’t stop eating!

“She ate like she’d never been fed before,” Jarrod added.


They named the kitty Nala, after Nala in The Lion King because she was a little fighter who had miraculously survived the elements.

When the soldiers returned to their base they even built a little fort for Nala. She even began to receive little care packages with all kind of toys, food and goodies from people who had read and heard about her story.

She brought the soldiers comfort and a sense of home. And she turned out to be probably the cutest little fighter the men ever soldiered with.