10-day-old Kitten Who Survived Dog Attack Now Thriving in Colorado!

GOLDEN, COLORADO. — A kitten is now thriving after an injury so severe, veterinarians weren’t sure it would survive.

The male kitten — who has been named Trooper for its resilience — was just 10 days old when it was found under a porch with three siblings.

It appeared they had been attacked by a large dog. Unfortunately, only two of the kittens survived.

After being taken to Foothills Animal Shelter, veterinarians soon decided Trooper would need emergency surgery to have a leg amputated.

While dangerous for such a young animal, Trooper successfully made it through surgery. However, it still wasn’t clear if he would fully recover and adapt to a life with three legs.

After two months of care, including bottle feeding and time at a foster home, Trooper is a much happier and more well-adjusted cat!

“He is a rambunctious, healthy kitten that loves to play with toys. His missing limb doesn’t slow him down at all. Within one day of being available for adoption, Trooper found a home,” the shelter stated.

Trooper spends time at his new home with another kitty and the two of them quickly became friends.