10 Hilarious Cat Posts That Will Definitely Crack You Up

You know what we really love on the internet? Cat posts. Cats are the funniest pet you can have and have been known to decrease levels of stress. They just know how to turn a frown to a smile, even if you had a rough day.

Take a look at these hilarious cat posts that will put a smile on your face:

1. Is it so hot that the kitty just melted? Some call for help please. But the kitty seems at ease.

2. These cats look really grateful that they were rescued on time. But we are not sure if the last one feels the same way.

3. The kitty is busy doing some serious work. Let’s not disturb him. Keep up the good work little kitty.

4. Are they all plotting against their hooman? No, there is something more serious going on here. Let’s just leave them alone.

5. What happened to these cats? Are they high on catnip? Well, maybe they are just having some good sleep.

6. The kitty doesn’t seem happy with the gift. Can you get something else or the kitty will just rip it apart!

7. Is this kitty doing some dark magic? What should we expect? Or is he secretly manifesting food? It’s a little difficult to manifest from the way we see. Can you figure out?

8. Wait, now I understand everything. Maybe that is the reason why I am so smart. I knew these hoomans wouldn’t have taught me all those things. It has to be in my veins.

9. This is the reason why all the cookies have been missing. Your game is over kitty. You can’t do this anymore.

10. Do you want me to stay here? Then you better stay away from the tap or else I will splash the water everywhere!